Software Design    

Deva Technologies develops custom software and firmware on a wide variety of different platforms. Our software and firmware design capabilities compliment our electronic design services enabling us to offer complete embedded design solutions.


The majority of code we produce is written in C language and processor specific assembler language.

We have extensive experience developing for embedded platforms such as 8051, ARM7, Cortex M3 and M4, C2000 and TMS320 microcontrollers and FPGA based soft cores such as Xilinx Microblaze and Altera Nios.

We use industry standard development tools such as Keil uVision and Eclipse based development tools in conjunction with Blackhawk debugging emulators and trace tools.

Software Quality & Coding Standards

Our in-house developed coding standards adhere to the MISRA-C:2012 standard ensuring repeatable quality and performance of all code produced. Code is assessed for quality using Programming Research's QA.C industry benchmark tool for in-depth, accurate analysis of industrial-scale C code.

We follow a requirements driven approach to software development, this is essential when developing software for safety critical applications in aerospace and defence applications.


Typical standards we develop to are RTCA DO-178B and C for civilian airborne software, MIL-STD-498 for military aircraft and EN60601 for medical applications.

Where necessary we perform independent 100% code coverage using Modified Condition Decision Coverage testing (MCDC) using industry standard tools such as Razorcat's Tessy.

All software produced is configuration managed using a revision control system ensuring repeatable quality and performance.







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