Obsolescence Management    

No matter how careful the planning or design phase problems can arise at anytime in the design process. It is key that these problems are addressed as early as possible in the process or costs can quickly spiral out of control.

  Being too close to the problem can sometimes hinder the solution. In most cases it can often be more cost effective to halt the design and call in a specialist to find a solution than persist in finding a solution for yourself.

Deva Technologies offer a complete design rescue service.

We do not just come in and start picking fault with a design, this would be the easiest thing in the world. We listen, we analyse and we suggest solutions.


Designs can fail or have issues for any number of reasons.

  • Requirements drift
  • Misunderstandings with the client
  • Poor design practices
  • Inadequate training
  • Incorrect component specification
  • EMI/EMC issues

We analyse where in the process the issues have arisen, often implementing a cause and effect approach.

If simulation is required, we possess all the necessary tools and packages to fully simulate and analyse a design.

Then, using our extensive experience we can suggest a timely and accurate solution to the problem taking into account budget and timescales.







  Please contact us for more information on any of our design services at enquiries@devatec.co.uk

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