Control Systems Design    

Control systems design is one of Deva Technologies' core engineering disciplines.

It is often an overlooked area of engineering and one that is quite often only considered when things go wrong.

Correct control system design is required right from the earliest design concepts. It influences all areas of the design process and provides input to hardware, software and mechanical design as well as influencing major design decisions at a system level.Modern control system design is not just about ensuring the stability of a control loop through adjusting tuning parameters, it should also take into account the wider system and its performance requirements.

We have developed an extensive model library built from years of system development and from which we construct accurate simulation models for use within a Matlab & Simulink environment.

Our in-house developed models and tools are used to justify design decisions by modelling all system components such as system load, step and frequency responses, system dynamics and in the construction of complex control algorithms.

Our models take in to account the non linearities often overlooked in a system such as external influences and disturbances, forces, inertia and loads, together with internal subtleties in a design such as circuit impedances and affects due to temperature variation.


System models can be provided at different levels of complexity for inclusion in customer simulations or to aid in the development of hardware or software based control systems and mechanical based systems.




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