Design Analysis    

Deva Technologies has invested heavily in the use of software based analysis tools.

  For circuit analysis we use a PSPICE based modelling and simulation tool. This gives us the ability to not only justify design choices but also virtually prototype and fault find a design prior to committing to manufacture.  




Thermal Analysis is an invaluable tool in hardware design as it allows us to push the boundaries of design whilst minimising size and weight. Thermal analysis is essential in enclosure design and in the packaging of power electronics. The tool is useful for mechanical design also as it allows us to analyse the heat produced in moving components due to friction.


Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis is performed on mechanical items to determine the stresses that a component may see when subjected to static and dynamic loading during its lifetime. This can be used to analyse potential problem areas or weak spots in a design, as well as being useful to minimise un-necessary mass in an object.



      Mathematical modelling provided by Matlab, Simulink and PowerSIM is essential for the design of control systems and power electronics. We have extensive knowledge in this area and have developed simulation models for almost all our own and customer products.  


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